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Supreme Court Stays Record Breaking Asbestos Case

The Mississippi Supreme Court has announced the decision to stay an asbestos case award while it investigates the defendants claims the judge had a conflict of interest. In May Thomas Brown Jr. was awarded $322 million, the largest single settlement in the history of asbestos litigation in America. An order was signed on July 12 to postpone any decision about post trial motions for Union Carbide.

Lawyers for Union Carbide, the company named in the suit say that Judge Eddie Bowen should have recused himself from the trial. In 1989 and 1992 Bowen's father filed two separate asbestos suits both in the same county as the Brown trial. Claiming a "blatant" conflict of interest, Union Carbide has put a petition before the Supreme Court to have Bowen disqualified from the current case.

The trial lasted only three weeks at which time the jury awarded Brown $300 million for punitive damages. Another $22 million was awarded for actual damages incurred by Brown. Brown had claimed that the asbestos products didn't have an adequate warning label and that they were defective. Brown's suit alleged that he had been exposed to Calidria chrysotile asbestos, the same type of asbestos listed in Bowen's fathers suits.

Over 1,100 potential jurors were summoned for the case. Any of the jury members who had an previous experiences with asbestos litigation either for themselves or a family member were immediately excused from jury duty by Judge Bowen citing a potential for bias. Union Carbide will be responsible for paying half of the settlement while Chevron Phillips Chemical will have to pay the other half.

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