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English Student In Tuition Fee’s Row

An English student, planning to study at Queens University in Belfast Northern Ireland, is planning on seeking legal help in an issue over his tuition fee’s claiming that they violate his human rights. Abel Middlebrough, who has deferred his offer until 2012, is being charged more to study in Belfast than his Northern Ireland counterparts even though both nations are part of the United Kingdom. The problem comes from a recent law enacted by the coalition government in Westminster that increase the maximum cost of tuition fees from £3000 to £9000.

Northern Ireland’s devolved government recent froze tuition fees for students from the province at £3500 however those coming from other areas of the UK are to be charged up to the £9000 limit from 2012 onwards.

The university has defended itself by claiming that this is only a protective measure to ensure that citizens of the country are best served. Critics argue that it effectively and legally sets up a two-tiered system of students whereby those who live in Northern Ireland are charged a lower rate than those from anywhere else in the UK however Queens has admitted that it is to stop ‘fees refugees’ coming from all over Britain in search of lower tuition fees.

Mr Middlebrough is actively seeking legal help to sort out the issue and it is understood that his lawyer is current pursing a similar case in Scotland where the same type of action has been taken by the Scottish government effectively meaning that English students studying in the country will be charged more than their Scottish counterparts.

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