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Navigating Through Real Estate Law

You may be looking forward to owning your first piece of property, but you should know what to look out for before you make a purchase. Working with a real estate agent can help you to avoid the most obvious pitfalls, but you must learn how to rely on your own instincts as well. Educate yourself on real estate law and locate the best property for your lifestyle.

US Tax Laws And Penalties

Taxes are essential for the continued operation of social services, local governments and public school systems. There are stiff penalties those that attempt to paying their taxes, but some taxpayers do make genuine mistakes when they underpay their taxes. Learn what your rights are when it comes to tax codes and laws.

Felony Charges

Felony offenses can have a negative impact on your personal life, finances and your employability, but more importantly it can cause you to lose your freedom. In some cases felony charges can stem from false allegations or circumstantial evidence. Make sure that you consult with an attorney and find out what your rights are before you head to court.

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Understanding Basic Insurance Law

Many consumers are concerned about insurance or the lack thereof, particularly in light of certain laws that are in effect or will be going into effect in the future. Laws are currently in place that require consumers to have certain types of insurance. This leads to many wondering about obtaining this insurance and what regulations are in place governing how insurance companies operate and what consumers need to do in order to purchase insurance products.

By law, you have the right to insure anything provided you have what is called an insurable interest in that item. For instance, you have the legal right to insure your motor vehicle provided it is registered in your name. You have the right to purchase life insurance for yourself although you cannot purchase life insurance for just any random person. You must have an insurable interest in the object of your insurance at the time that the policy is purchased.

The insurance contract is a legal and binding contract between you and the insurance company. You should understand that your application is part of that contract. Any form of dishonesty by your part on your insurance application could void the entire policy. It is essential that you answer all questions truthfully and provide full disclosure as requested. Many insurance companies will back date your policy to the date of your application even if a couple of weeks go by before the policy is actually purchased.

Many consumers do not take time to fully read and understand their policies, which can lead to claims that are not paid. It is essential that you read your policy and ensure that you know what you are protected against and which instances may qualify you to file a claim. If you do not understand your policy, seek help from your insurer. There are cases where consumers are protected by the courts for certain provisions contained in insurance policies that those consumers do not fully understand but it is best to ensure that you know what your policy covers and what it does not cover.

Also understand that your insurance provider has the right to cancel your policy for non-payment but they must provide you written notice of an impending cancellation. They must also provide notice of cancellation for any other reason. This notice is required so that you know your policy is ending or has ended and you can take steps to purchase another policy or to remedy the situation that is causing the cancellation. If a policy is cancelled without notice to the consumer, the courts can find in your favor should you file a claim that your insurance company refuses to pay.

It is essential that you take the time to go over your policy before you purchase it and after just so that you know you are getting the coverage that you need. Whether you are buying automobile insurance, health, life or any other type of insurance product, you need to know that your insurance provider is working with you to get the coverage you require and that all steps taken are in accordance with insurance laws and regulations.

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