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Common Forms of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is a legal issue that can be difficult to prove and even more difficult to bear. Cases arise when patients are harmed by medical professionals when those professionals fail to provide the proper treatment for medical issues. Although errors in the medical industry are not terribly common, of the cases that are reported there are some forms of medical negligence that are a bit more common than others. It should be noted that because these cases are often difficult to prove, an experienced law firm is often necessary. The Inury Clinic can help patients to better understand the realm of medical malpractice and whether or not a case is actually valid.

That being said, it is important to understand the types of cases that are often filed with regards to malpractice. Delayed or misdiagnosis cases are the most common. When doctors misdiagnose a certain condition or fail to properly diagnose it for a long period of time, the patient could potentially miss certain treatment options that could prevent the disease from causing serious harm. It is essential in these types of cases to prove that the misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosing the disease caused a serious medical issue and comparing the treatment that the doctor provided, or did not provide in certain cases, is often done to show how proper diagnosis could have been beneficial.

Another commonly reported form of medical malpractice involves injuries sustained during childbirth. There are many fetal injuries that are caused by medical professionals and these can include very serious injuries involving the brain or less serious injuries such as bone fractures or certain palsies that affect the central nervous system. Negligence by a medical professional can happen during actual childbirth or long before birth. Negligent prenatal care is relatively common and can harm the mother or the unborn child or in severe cases, both the mother and the child. Negligence during childbirth can also harm both the mother and the child.

Medication errors are fairly common and the most common of these involves the dosage that a patient receives. The patient may be prescribed a dose that is too high or too low and this can happen in a number of different ways. The physician could simply write the dosage on the prescription wrong or the nurse administering the medication may misread the prescription and give the patient an improper dose of medicine.

Anesthesia and surgical errors are also relatively common with regards to medical malpractice lawsuits and can also happen in a number of different ways. Those who feel that they or their loved ones have been injured by a medical professional should seek the assistance of a qualified and preferably experienced attorney to determine whether or not their negligence case is valid and to begin legal steps to seek compensation. Some negligence cases can be so severe that they cause death to the patient and in all cases, patients have the legal right to pursue compensation for their pain and suffering.

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